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പപ്പായ സാൻഡ് വിച്ച് - PAPPAYA SANDWICH 
By : PradeenKumar Vazhuvelil Sankunni
Easy food for bachelors, no cooking required. Just mix all ingredients and fill the bread and eat. 
White milk bread : 8 (for 4 sets of sandwiches)
Ripe Papaya : 100 grams, finely chopped
Cream cheese : 2 tablespoons
Mayonnaise : 1 tablespoon.
Coriander leaves : 2 tablespoons, finely chopped
Pepper powder : ¼ teaspoon
Chilly sauce : 1 Tablespoon
Salt : a pinch
Substitute for Cream Cheese & Mayonnaise
You can use Strained Yogurt in place of these two ingredients. Strained yogurt is also known as Greek Yogurt which is made by straining the yogurt and removing maximum whey (തൈരിലെ വെള്ളം) out of it. Strained Yogurt with Papaya is tastier than Cream Cheese and Mayonnaise.
1. Mix all ingredients (other than bread) in a bowl. It becomes a paste like a spread.
2. Paste/ spread this mix on one side of the bread and keep one slice of bread on the top
3. Keep it for 5 minutes.
4. Then cut and remove the brown edges and then cut it diagonally and serve.
5. You can eat as it is without cutting and removing the edges

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