Ingredients(for filling)
3.Beans-6 to 8(chopped)
5.Onion-1 (large-chopped)
6.Ginger-1 tbsp(grated)
7.Garlic-1 tbsp(grated)
8.Soya sauce-1 1/2 tbsp
9.Green chilly-2 (slit into half & then chopped finely)
10.Pepper-1/4 tsp

Ingredients(for wrap)
12.All Purpose Flour(Maida)-1 cup
13.Wheat Flour(Atta)-2 tbsp
14.Olive oil-2 or 3 tbsp(any other oil would also do)
15.Salt-1/4 tsp

Wrap Dough Preparation
~Mix Maida, atta, olive oil, salt together with a spoon.
~Add water little by little to this mix & stir properly.(very little water needed)
~Then prepare the mix with your hands until you get a soft dough.
~Make it into a large ball & keep it aside for 10 mins.

Chicken Preparation
~Pressure cooker the chicken with 1/8 tsp pepper, 1/4 tsp turmeric powder, 1/4 tsp salt & 1/2 cup water.(3 whistles might do) & let them cool..
~Keep 2 tbsp of the spicy water in the pressure cooker for further use..
~If boneless chicken, just tear them to small pieces..
~Else you have to de-bone them & then tear them to small pieces..
~Now crumble them little with your hands & keep aside.(Don't make it a paste)

Filling Preparation
~Heat oil in a saucepan(kadai),& firstly saute ginger & garlic.(keep stirring in between)
~Once its color starts changing, add onions & salt & saute.
~When the onions become tender add chopped green chillies & saute for 2 mins.
~Now add all the vegetables & mix well & add 1 or 2 tbsp of the pressure cooked water of the chicken to this.
~Close the lid & let it cook for 5 mins in medium flame(keep stirring in between).
~Add soya sauce & pepper(can increase according to taste) & mix well.
~Add the prepared chicken & mix well & cook for 2 to 3 mins.

Roll Preparation
~Make small oval balls of the wrap dough with your hands.
~Press it onto the kitchen board & roll them with chappathi rollers into thin & long pieces.
~Fill the filling on one side & roll them over.
~Stick the ends properly by wetting your hands little..(No part should be left open)
~Now you can deep fry them...Else freeze it for later use..
Spicy easy rolls ready !!!

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