Snow Pudding with Mango Sauce
Recipe by: Soosan Joshy

For mango sauce:
Mango chopped - 1cup
Mango pulp - 1/2 cup
Milk - 375ml + 125ml
Custard powder - 3Tbspn
Sugar - 5Tbspn
Sago(optional) - 1/4 cup

For snow pudding:
Eggs - 2
Sugar - 1/3cup
Vanilla essence (optional) - a few drops


Mango Sauce:

1. Mix well the custard powder with 1/2cup of milk.
2. Boil 375ml of milk.
3. After boiling, add sugar and mix well.
4. Add custard milk mixture, stir well.
5. Switch off the flame when required consistency is met.
6. When custard mixture is cooled, add mango pulp, chopped mangoes and cooked sago to the custard mixture.
7. Serve the mango sauce to the serving plate.

Snow Pudding:

1. Add egg whites, sugar and vanilla essence to the beating bowl.
2. Beat the mixture with the help of an electric beater until the mixture turns soft and fluffy.
3. Optional: Caramelize 1/4cup sugar. Grease the vessel in which snow pudding to be cooked with caramelized syrup.
4. Add egg mixture up to 3/4th of the vessel and steam it for 15 - 20 minutes. Cover the vessel with an aluminium foil. (put some holes with a toothpick.)
5. When the snow pudding is cooked, turn the vessel upside down on to the mango sauce.
6. If you want more layers of snow pudding, add one above the other.

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