Fruit Salad
By : Sherin Mathew
Fruit Cuts (1 banana chopped, 1 apple, few globules of seed less green and black grapes, a fistful of pomegranate seeds, orange cuts (as in pic so that you can remove seeds, I portion of pineapple cubed etc according to availability of fruits)
For syrup
Sugar 4 tb sp
Lime juice – 1 tb sp
Vanilla Essence – few drops (for the flavor)

To a cup of water add the sugar and let it boil and melt (for an alternate twist you can add ground spices which is the way it is done when served in Christian weddings etc (Cloves - 3No.s, Cinnamon – ½ inch piece, Cardamom – 3 nos crushed together)
When the water reduces and syrup thickens, add in the fruit cuts and smear it with the syrup. Add lime juice and essence when cool.

Refrigerate and chill it for some time.

To ½ liter boiled milk, add a mix of custard (3 tb sp custard mixed in little milk without lumping) add 1 tb sp (more if you are a sweet tooth) sugar to this and bring it to boil and reduce and thicken. (this is the making of thick custard sauce, some make runny thin custard)

When cool add a few drops of vanilla essence (careful since you have already used some in your fruit mix)
Refrigerate and chill.
Method to serve.
In a serving bowl, fill in ¾ custard sauce add in 3 or 4 tb sp fruit mix.


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