By :Viju Varghese

2 Baby Hamour fish – cleaned and scored up to the bone
2 Tsp of Extra virgin Olive oil and extra for brushing
2 Tsp of freshly grounded black pepper
1 Tsp of garlic paste
1 cup of Coriander leaves chopped
½ cup of Dill leaves chopped
2 Tsp of lemon juice
1 Lemon cut into wedges.

Once the fish is cleaned well, score it well up to the bone. Mix the garlic paste, Olive oil, pepper powder and lemon juice in a bowl and marinate the fish well, make sure to fill the paste into the slices well and into the stomach part, keep this for at least 30 minutes chilled.
In another bowl add both Coriander & Dill leaves, crush this well just by using the hand and fill the stomach portion of the fish just before grilling, add some lemon wedges along with this.
Heat up the grill in high, apply some olive oil over the grill wire before placing the fish. (Remember, don’t turn the fish every now and then to make sure it is done) Just keep one side for at least 10 minutes and turn to the other side for next 10 minutes, for a medium flesh fish this timing is good enough to get it done, brush some olive oil, lemon juice mixture on each side of the fish at the final stage. Serve it hot with roti or rice.

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