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By : Libin Daniel
INGREDIENTS:pumpkin-1/4 kg, dal-1/4 cup, greenchillies-4, grated coconut-1/2 coconut, button onions-3, garlic-2flakes, jeera-1/4 tsp..
Grated coconut -2tbsps, button onions -2 (sliced) , mustard-1/2 tsp, curryleaves..

METHOD-Cook, dal, pumpkin cut into big pieces n greenchillies in a pressure whistle n lower the flame for 10 minutes. ..grind together coconut,button onions, jeera till it forms a fine paste. ..add the ground masala to the dal pumpkin mixture n stir well n keep in low flame for 2 n keep aside. ..
In a kadai add 1tsp oil n fry 2tbsps of grated coconut till brown...add mustard, button onions n curry leaves.. put this over the gravy n serve hot.

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