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Kuttanadan Soya Piralan

Kuttanadan Soya Piralan

By- Sanu Ctr

1. Soya Chunks : 1 cup boiled
2. Coriander seeds (Malli) : 6 spoons
3. Dry red chillies : 10 to 12 nos
4. Black pepper corns : 3 spoons
5. Turmeric powder : 1/4 spoon
6. Mutton masala : 3 spoons
7. Coconut scrapped : 4 spoons
8. Onion : 1 medium small chopped
9. Tomato : 1 small chopped
10. Curry leaf : As required
11. Coriander leaf : As required
12. Salt : To taste
• In a non stick pan add one spoon of coconut oil and add the above ingredients from 2 to 7 and sauté till light brown
• When cooled make this to a fine paste
• Marinate the above paste to the boiled soya chunks and salt as rqrd ndleave it to set for atleast 1 hour
• Shallow fry the soya chunks for 5 minutes
• Remove and let it cool
• In the same oil add onion chopped, tomato, coriander curry leaf till light brown
• Add the shallow fried soya chunks along with the masala and salt if needed ndcover and cook till dry in a very slow flame for half an hour
• When dry you can serve with rice.

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