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Chicken Thoran

Chicken thoran
By : Sanu Ctr
1.Chicken cuked n trmrc pwdr nd salt (I used bonles)
2.shallts (Cheriyulli)- 1 cup chopd
4.curry lvs
5.Termrc pwdr-1/4spn
6.chilly pwdr-1/2spn
7.corndr pwdr-1/2spn
8.Biryn msla-1/2spn
9.Mustrd -1/4spn
12 coconut-1/2
In a pan pour oil dn add mustrd nd curry lvs
To the abv add shallts gchilly saute well addng salt
Den add masalas
Den add grtd coconut saute well
To dis add chickn mix it nd covr nd cuk it n lw flame for 10mnts
U cn add curry lvs n end
Rdy to srv tasty chckn thorn
Gud vth chappathi tomato rice etc

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