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Wheat Halwa

Wheat halwa
By : Suchithra S Kumar
Kozhikoden halwa is very popular and here we have a street- halwa bazar where we get varieties og halwa.
Shabarimala seasanil road sidel halwa matrum vikunna kadakel kanam.
Mattu sthalagalil ninnu varunna ayyapun mar evide ninu halwa vangj poovarund.
Egine oke aanenkilum I am poor at making halwas.
The only halwa I used to prepare properly id this wheat halwa.
My ammayi used to prepare this halwa when I was a child.
With thst thought inmind I prepared and it came out well.
So sharing the recpie.
In this hslwa we are afding ground nuts instead of dry grapes and badams.
I dont know the reason why
I too tried and tested with ground nuts.
Heres the recpie.
Wheat flour 3/4cup
Jaggery 5
Cardsmom powder1tdp
Hot water1cup
Roast wheel flour in slow flame till brown cl.
Add hot water and stir well.
When flour absorbs all water agsin stir nicely till halwa turns dry.
Now add strained jaggery syrup ghee ,cordamom powder, and roasted grown nuts.stir well until the mixture gets detaches from the vessel. Roll and see whether it comes like a ball. This is the correct texture. Cha nge the halwa yo ghee greaded dish.piece after cooling.
Can prepare with sugar also.
After transfering to greased dish place ghee on the wrong side of a spoon and rub firmly on halwa toget even and glossy look.

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