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Soya chunks cutlet

Soya chunks cutlet
By : Madeeha Firosh
soya chunks-1 cup....soaked in boiling salt water
potato boiled and smashed 1/2 cup
ginger garlic paste-1 spoon
gree chilli -2 crushed
chilli powder-1/4 spoon
Turmeric powder a pinch
garam masala -1 spoon
maida 2 spoon
bread crumbs-11/2 cup

in a pan pour 2 spoon oil and soute onion,ginger garlicpaste,chilies ..add chilli powder, Turmeric powder nd garam masala and soute well...add required salt...keep aside

now squeese soya chunks and wash again in cold water ..squeeze water away...repeat 2-3 times...Once it is dry. grind in a dry grinder for 2 seconds

add this soya chunks to pan and roast well

add salt if necessary

now mix smashed potataos to this

add water to maida to make a thick paste ..add pinch salt

now make cutlet, dip in maida , roll in bread crumbs and fry in boiling oil...

soya chunks cutlet is ready

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