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Royal Falooda

Royal Falooda

By : Megha Elsa Saju

Milk 1 ¼ ltrs.
Sugar 4 tbsps.
Falooda seeds 100 gms.
Water 1 cup
Cornflour vermicelli(cooked) 1 cup
Red rose syrup 4 tbsps.
Almonds(soaked, peeled & chopped) 4 tbsps.

Cream for topping
Crushed ice As required

1. Soak in water the falooda seeds overnight.
2. Boil the milk together with the sugar till slightly thick.
3. Cool the milk and add the rose syrup alongwith the vermicelli, almonds,
falooda seeds and crushed ice.
4. Serve in glasses topped with cream

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