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Kozhuva – Pachamanga Peera

Kozhuva – Pachamanga Peera
By : Nileena Ravindran
Kozhuva – 1 kg
Pachamanga – 1 small sliced (depends on the puly !!! )
Manjal pody – less than ¼ tsp
Mulaku pody – less than ¼ tsp

Grind Coarsely
Thenga – ½ thenga
Inji – cheriya piece
Pachamulaku – 7 ennam
Curry leaves
Manjal pody – ½ tsp
Cheriya ulli – 6 ennam

Cheriya Ulli – 2 sliced

In a pan heat oil, sputter mustard & add in the sliced cheriya ulli till brown. Into this, add in the pachamanga with manjal pody, mulaku pody, salt and ½ cook it with very little water. Meanwhile mix in the cleaned fish and the thenga kootu carefully by hand. Add this to the cooked pachamanga with enough salt, close and cook in medium heat. Mostly there’s no need to add water. Cook till completely dry. Serve hot !!!

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