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Iced Chocolate Bar Cake

Iced Chocolate Bar Cake
By : Benazir
(made in a small round bowl)

Whipped cream(sugar free) -2 1/2 cups
Condensed milk -1 tin / 395g
Kitkat chunky chocolate bars - 2
Instant coffee pwd - 1 1/2 tbsp
Hot water -2 tbsp

1. In a small bowl combine instant coffee pwd & hot water.Keep it aside.

2.Combine condensed milk & whipped cream in a n electric mixer until thick & creamy.

3.Take a loaf tin & line it with aluminium foil.

4.Pour half of this cream mixture to the loaf tin & freeze it for half an hour.

5.Add instant coffee mixture to the remaining cream mixture & mix until combined.

6.Take out the loaf tin kept in the freezer.Keep kitkat bars in the middle & pour coffee cream mixture over it.

7.Cover the loaf tin with cling film & freezeit atleast for 12hrs or until set.

8.After it gets set, take it out of freezer, lift the lined foil & pull out .Slice & serve it with chocolate sauce & caramelised nuts.

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