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പഴമാങ്ങ പായസം

പഴമാങ്ങ പായസം - Pazha Manga Payasam 
By : Joseph Chiriyankandath

2 large,sweet mangoes,peeled and puréed in a mixer (almost 2 cups of mango pulp)
1 cup grated jaggery (depends on the sweetness of mango and what you want)
2 tsp water
1.5 cup of thick coconut milk
3 tbsp ghee
few cashews
few chopped coconut pieces
few raisins (optional)
1/2 tsp cardamom powder


Boil the jaggery with water and make a syrup.Strain and add this to the puréed mangoes.Roast this mixture in a thick bottomed vessel adding ghee in between.Roast till the mixture gets thick.Pour the coconut milk and mix slowly.Don't boil the payasam any more.Switch off and sprinkle the cardamom powder.Roast the cashews,raisins and coconut pieces in ghee and pour it over the payasam/kheer.Let it sit for a while before using.This is to just set the flavours.

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