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Beef Peralan & Khubboos

Beef Peralan & Khubboos!!
By : Sherin Mathew
Quick Beef Peralan
Beef - 1/4 kg
Onion (savala) - 1 medium chopped
ginger - 1/2 inch piece minced
garlic cloves - 3 big or 6 small chopped
green chilies - 3 chopped or slit
vurry leaves - few
asafoedita (kayam) - very small piece

Put all the above listed things into a pressure cooker or pan (absolutely no water) and cook ( 8-10 whistles should be fine) put aside to cool.

In a pan, heat (without burning):
1 tb sp corriander powder
1/2 tb sp chili powder
1/4 ts sp turmeric powder
1/2 ts sp garam masalapowder

When pressure is down, open the cooker and add in the above powders and cook till the gravy reduces (there will certainly be very little water in the cooker, unless you have not thoroughly squeezed the beef).

Mean while, pour 2 tb sp oil in a cooking saucepan, crack mustards, add in coconut wedges (thenga kothu, as much as you like), when light brown, add one finely sliced medium onion (savala) and saute further, when light brown, add 1/4 ts sp pepper powder and 1 sprig curry leaves. Add to the cooked meat and mix well, bring to a boil. Turn off the fire, add a little garam masala and few curry leaves for a final touch and aroma, mix well and serve hot!! 

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