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By : jessy ivon
basil seeds also known as sabja seeds
falooda semiya or normal rice vermeceli
ice cream(any flavour but vanilla flavour is best)
finely diced fruits( any fruits available except orange and sour fruits)
rose syrup
first boil 500ml of milk and put in the fridge to cool(for 3 glass falooda)
now dice all the fruits and add 3 tbsp of sugar, put it also in the fridge.(i take 1 apple 1 mango 1 banana(big) 5 strawberries)
take 2tbsp of basil seeds and soak in water for 15 to 20 minutes(it will bloom triple in size when put in water )it is enough for 3 glass of falooda.
now make falooda semiya as instructed in the packet,drain excess water and put aside(i bought 200gm packet and i take only one hand full of rice vermeceli and put it in boiled water.after 5 to 6 minutes remove the water and put aside)
now take 3 tbspn of rose syrup and mix with milk.add 3tbsp sugar also.stir well.
Now take the glass that u want to set falooda. first add 2 tbsp rose syrup.add semiya,add basil seeds add mixed fruits again add semiya. Drizzle some rose syrup.add basil seeds add rose milk little by little. insert a spoon just to make a path for the milk to go through the down side.(don't mix) . again add milk.continue till the basil seeds float in top(don't over fill.just fill beneath 2 inch). now scoop 2 or 3 spoon of ice cream on top of it. again drizzle some more rose syrup for garnishing. garnish it with fruits or chopped nuts. after setting u can also chill this again. take a long spoon and insert it into the bottom of the glass and take all the ingredients and enjoy the falooda.

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