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Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake

Eggless Chocolate mug cake
By: Chinu Joshua

Very easy mug cake in 2 minutes.. I got dis recipe frm youtube..
Add All purpose flour- 3 tblspn,
Cocoa powder-1 n 1/2 tbspn,
Baking powder -1/8 th tspn,
Baking soda-a pinch,
Giv it a nice stir using a fork.
Next add 2 tblspn of melted butter n
3 tbspn of condensed milk n stir again so dat no lumps are formed..den u may add a fistful of chocolate chunks or walnuts or chocochips according to ur taste..n bake it for 2 minutes in microwave in fullpower or based on ur power setting in ur microwave
Happy baking!!

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