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By : Deepa Sujesh

3 cups All Purpose Flour(Maida) / Wheat Flour
2 tablespoon Cooking Oil
1 tablespoon black Cumin Seeds
1 tablespoon black Pepper crushed
1/4th tablespoon Asafoetida
Ghee or clarified butter - 3 tbsp
Salt To Taste
Oil for Deep-frying


In bowl add all the ingredients and mix well.
Add water as required and knead it to a firm dough. The dough should be firm then the dough we knead for masala puris.
Cover it muslin cloth and keep aside for 20-25 minutes.
Now take a portion of dough of lemon size. Roll it into a flat thin bread like chapati.
Prick rolled flat bread with knife or fork.
Make small puris with help of a small bowl.
Reuse the sides of dough again by making puris until the dough is fully utilized. Make all the puris at once.
Heat oil in a Kadai. Deep fry the pricked raw puris.
Deep fry the puris on medium flame till they turn light golden brown on both sides.
Drain the Farsi Puris on kitchen towel and remove excess oil. As they cool they will turn slightly more brown in colour.
Serve the spiced crunchy farsi puris with peanut coriander chutney or masala chai.
Farsi Puris can be stored in air tight container for one month.

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