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Meat Puffs

Meat Puffs
Recipe By : Lakshmi Renju

Pastry puffsheets - 2 nos
Beef(ground) - 1 lb
Green chillies - 2 nos
Garlic pods - 4 nos
Ginger - 1 piece
Red onion - 1/2 of one
Garam masala - 1/2 tsp
Cooking oil - 1 tsp
Salt - As reqd

1)Heat oil in a pan.
2)Place the ground beef in it.
3)Add the remaining ingredients(except for puffsheets) along with salt and allow it to fry for 5 mins on a medium heat.
4)When done, remove from fire and keep aside.
5)Take puffs pastry sheets and place the stuffing on one half of the sheet and fold the remaining half back.
6)Take a little amount of water and press both the ends of stuffed puffs.
7)Repeat the procedure for the remaining stuffing.
8)Place in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 - 15 mins or till light brown and crispy.
9)Add some ghee or butter/egg white on top of it(optional).

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