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Goan Chicken Roast

Goan Chicken Roast
By : Lakshmi Ajith
1 Kilo Chicken 
1 Table Spoon Garlic Paste 
Juice of 1 Sour Lime 
1 Tablespoon Vinegar
Salt as Per Taste
1 Onion
3 Whole Kashmeri Chillies
1 Teaspoon Sugar

2 Table Spoons Spice Masala: Grind them into a fine powder
Turmeric powder 10 Gms
Pepper 25 Gms
Cumin Seeds (Jeera) 50 Gms
Cinnamon 15 Gms
Cloves 25 Gms
(ബാക്കി യുള്ള മസാല പൊടി എടുത്തു വക്കാം.)
Wash and clean the chicken bits, remove most of the skin.Marinate the bits with garlic paste, two spoons of the five spice masala, the 1/2 onion chopped the 3 red chillies, vinegar and lime juice for six hours.Heat some oil in the pan with the sugar until it gets reddish brown basically caramelized.Then add the bits of chicken only with the chillies for now. The chicken cooks without the masala and gets that nice roasted texture. Turn the chicken and roast the other side.Add some water to the masala and pour it into the pan and cover it. Let it cook with the chicken untill it gets nice n dry.Your Goan Roast Chicken is ready.

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