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Coconut Milk Pudding

Coconut Milk Pudding
By : Mukthi AP

This pudding is so simple and very yummy.Please try this at home.
1) milk powder - 1 cup
2) coconut milk powder - 6 tbspoon / 2 cups
3) milkmaid - 3/4 tin
4) jelatin - 3 tbspoon / 10gms in dissolve hot water for 5 mins
5) hot water - 2 cups
6) cashew nut -
7) sugar -

preparation -
add milk powder,coconut milk powder,milkmaid,jelatin and hot water in mixy and beat them well.
pour it in a vessel and let it set from fridge.

melt sugar in a pan and add cashew nuts into it and gas off.after the content gets hard powder it and put this powder at the top of pudding.

pudding is ready.
let me know if there is any query.

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