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Poha (Avil Upma)

Poha (avil upma)
By:Jaya George

This is a famous north Indian breakfast , easy to make and delicious

Poha( avil) 2cups
Onion 1
Green chillies 2
Curry leaves 4
Turmeric 1/2tsp
Peanuts 1/2cups
Mustard 1tsp
Sugar 1/2tsp (jagary powder)
Salt depends on your taste
Lime 1
Coriander leaves +coconut for garnish
Oil 1tablespoons
Kayam a pinch

Method: Rinse poha in water and let it soak 3-4minutes,when the Poha can be lightly mashed between your fingers then it is ready-there is no need to soak it for a long time,drain the poha press the poha lightly with your fingers to get out any excess water ,in a large pan add oil crack the mustard then add chopped onions ,when the onions become soft and brown add peanuts,green chillies,Kayam,curry leaves, turmeric powder,sugar and salt stir well add poha mix nicely close with lid 3-4minutes, squeeze the lime add chopped coriander leaves fresh coconut- done

Tip :in this you can add boiled potatoes or green peas ,for the change you can use 1tsp chopped ginger,1cardamom,1/2tsp chili powder,1/2garam masala or curry powder,ghee or butter

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