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Dates Pudding

Dates Pudding 

Recipe Courtesy : Vinu Nair
By : Neenu Nishi‎
Dates pieces 2 Cup
Eggs 3
butter 1Cup
Milk 1Cup
Sugar 1Cup
Nutmeg powder 1pinch (optional njan cherthittila)
Salt To Taste
Bread pieces 4-6 Slice

preparation -

1. Soak dates overnight and then in the morning clean them. 2. Now remove the seeds and finely chop into slices. 3. Take a bowl and add butter, sugar then mix it to make a nice cream and add eggs one by one. 4. Now add nutmeg powder, salt and mix it. Also add bread pieces, dates pieces mix with milk. 5. Take a pudding bowl and apply ghee inside then transfer the above mixture into the pudding bowl.6.steam the mixture for 10min.7. Refrigerate when cooled.

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