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Chocolate Cake (eggless)

Chocolate Cake (Eggless)
For cake:-
Maida -1 1/2cup
Coco pwdr-1/2cup
Powderd sugar-1cup
Lukewarm water-1cup
Baking soda -3/4tsp
Salt -1/2tsp
Oil - 1/2cup
Vannilla essence-1tbsp
For topping:-
Dark chocolate-50gm
Water -2tbsp
Icing sugar-1/3cup sifted
1)oven 190dgre preheat cheyyuka.
2)maida, baking soda, coco pwdr, salt ivayellaam arich vekkuka.
3)oru bowlil sugar podichath, oil , vellam cherth mix cheyyuka. Ee mix maida mix cheythathilek ozhich yojippikkuka.
4) vannilla essence, vinegar cherkkuka. Ith oru oil/butter thadaviya cake tin'il ozhikkuka. Ovenil 30-35 mnt bake cheyyuka. Shesham purath eduth thanukkaaan vekkuka.
5)chocolate aliyippikkuka. Ithilek 2tbsp vellavum icing sugarum cherth mix cheyth cake' nte mukalil ozhikkuka.

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