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Chicken Lollipop

Chicken Lollipop -children's all time favourite
By : Jaya George

Chicken wings 1/2g 
Garlic past 1tsp 
Soya sauce 1/4tsp 
chili sauce 1tsp
Black pepper pow 1/4tsp
salt depends on your taste
Above all things mix and marinate the chicken and keep it for3hrs then freeze it till it's a bit hard

For batter:Maida1cup(you can use 1/2cup Maida+1/2cup cornflover)salt pinch,baking powder1/2tsp ,Orange colour pinch and water to make mix
Above all things mix and make a thick batter deep fry each lollipop dipping in batter till it's crispy,den wrap it bone with foil paper and serve with sauce

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