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Pacha Thakkali Thoran / Green tomato with coconut.

Pacha thakkali thoran / Green tomato with coconut.
By:Jeni Alex


5-6 ------------ pacha thakkali (green tomatoes) finely chopped.
6-7 ------------ green chilly,chopped
1 --------------- medium onion,chopped
4 --------------- cloves garlic
7-8 tbsp --------- fresh grated coconut
1/4 tsp ----------- turmeric powder

For thadka
1-2tbsp ---------------- coconut oil
1/2 tsp ----------------- mustard seeds
1/2 tsp ----------------- cumin seeds
Curry leaves


Put a pan on the fire and add oil, once the oil is hot add the mustard seeds and let them crack then add cumin seeds, curry Leaves, after few seconds add the onion, garlic, green chillies, sauté this until the raw taste is gone. Then add the turmeric powder stir it then put the tomatoes stir well and cover and cook for 5 mts on medium heat. After that add coconut and salt mix well cover &cook for another 5mts or until tomatoes are done.

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