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By: Deepa Sujesh
WHOLESOME MEAL : Khichdi is a balance of carbohydrate and protein. Moong beans additionally are a good source of dietary fibre, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. It has all the 10 essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. Freshly-cooked khichdi eaten with pure cow’s ghee provides the right amount of macro-nutrients, complex carbohydrate, protein and fat. Adding vegetables to it makes it a complete meal.
Long grain Rice : 1/2 cup
Green gram : 1/4 cup
bengal split gram : 1/4 cup
Toor dal : 1/4 cup
Vegetables - potato, cauliflower florets, french beans, tomato,onion (veggies are finely chopped)
Green chillies - chopped
Clarified butter (ghee) : 1 tsp
Oil : 1 tsp
Cumin seeds : 1 tsp
Cinnamon : 1/2 inch piece
Bay leaves : 1 piece
Clove : 2 piece
Black pepper cons : 4
Cardamom : 3
Turmeric powder : 1 tsp
Coriander powder : 1 tsp
Garam masala powder : 1 tsp
Water : 2 cups
Asafoetida : 1/4 tsp
Salt: to taste
In a pressure cooker, heat a teaspoon of clarified butter (ghee) and oil.
Add cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf, dry red chili, cumin seeds, asafoetida and let the seeds crackle.
Add the veggies.saute it for few minutes.
Add masala powders , saute for few minutes.
Now add rice and all lentils in pressure cooker.
Add water and salt to taste. Mix everything well and pressure cook the khichdi for 3 whistles.
Serve the khichdi hot with some clarified butter (ghee) on top and with kadhi.
1 cup sour full fat yogurt
Green chillies chopped
2 cups water
2 tbsp gram flour
¼ tsp turmeric powder
salt as required
for tempering:
2 tbsp oil or 1.5 tbsp ghee
½ tsp mustard seeds
¼ tsp fenugreek seeds
½ tsp cumin seeds
1 small to medium bay leaf
a generous pinch of asafoetida
¼ tsp red chili powder
1-2 dry red chilies
mix the above mentioned kadhi ingredients till smooth in a pan. use a wired whisk to stir. no lumps should be there.
keep on a low flame and stir often for about 5-6 minutes till the gram flour or besan gets cooked and the kadhi or sauce thickens a bit.
the consistency of the kadhi is neither thick nor thin.
keep aside covered.
tempering the kadhi:
heat oil or ghee in a small pan.
add the mustard seeds along with the bay leaf first.
let the mustard seeds start popping & crackling.
then add cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds.
stir and add red chilies and asafoetida.
fry for a few seconds till the red chilies darken a bit.
switch off the flame.
add the red chili powder and stir.
immediately pour this tempering into the kadhi.
cover and let the tempering flavors infuse with the kadhi.
after 5-6 mins, stir and serve with kichdi

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