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By : Shamna Noushad

2 cups raw rice (pachari)
5-6 jaggery
¾ cup water
A pinch salt
¼ tsp cumin seeds (nallajeerakam/cherujeerakam)
2 tbl Chopped coconut pieces
3 tbl ghee
Coconut oil for deep frying.


1.Wash and soak raw rice (pachari) in water for 8 hours.
2.Fry coconut pieces in ghee, until light brown.
3.Melt jaggery in water. Keep aside. DO NOT let it cool.
4.Put raw rice (pachari) in a blender/grinder (mixie jar) and pour the warm jaggery syrup into it. Do not add water.
5.Blend well. Kurachu thari undavum. If your batter is too runny add maida and make it bit tight.
6.Pour to a bowl. Add fried coconut pieces (do not add the ghee), cumin seeds (nallajeerakam) and salt. Stir well. Close the lid.
7.Keep the mixture aside for 3-4 hours.
8.Keep a deep frying pan (chuvadu kattiyulla cheenachatti) on medium flame. When it is hot enough pour coconut oil.
9.Stir the batter well. Take it in a quite deep thavi ( which fills around 3-4 tblsp) and carefully pour it into the oil.
10.When the ends are slight brown colour, flip it over. When the neyyappam is golden brown colour take out and place it on an absorbing tissue if desired.
11.Choodulla neyyapam choodulla kattan chaayayude koode aasvadhichu kazhikku... ENJOY!!

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